Come see us at the Grange Booth at the Farmers Market in Friday Harbor, or come to the nursery at Thornbush Farm. We are open by appointment (360-370-5795).

Here’s a partial list of available plants:

  • Aronias: great anti-oxidant juice and for “blueberry pancakes”
  • Chestnuts: sweet nuts for roasting
  • Kousa dogwoods: beautiful flowers, edible fruit
  • Cornelian cherry dogwoods: edible fruit
  • Lindens: young leaves used in salads
  • Elderberries: juicing
  • Evergreen huckleberries: productive in shade
  • Blueberries: yum!
  • Daylilies: edible flowers
  • Hazelnuts: excellent protein crop for our climate
  • Mulberries: fruits and leaves for chickens

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