Come find me at the Farmers Market at Brickworks in Friday Harbor.

Here are some of the plants I bring to market:

Aronia Berry: great for juicing, high in antioxidants.

Blueberry: North Blue, Blue Crop, Chandler, Chippewa, Patriot, Toro, Duke, Jersey…

Arbutus unedo, standard and compact forms: Great evergreen, fruit good in preserves.

Indian plum: native shrub, whose flowers are the first to open in spring.

Red-flowering currant: native shrub, whose flowers bring the hummingbirds north.

Lindens, bigleaf and littleleaf: Tasty young leaves for salads, flowers for tea.

Jostaberry: a cross between black currant and gooseberry, this is a prolific and tasty berry.

Hosta lancifolia: nice leaves for salads

Wintergreen: evergreen groundcover whose berries taste like wintergreen lifesavers!

Rhubarb: the classic spring time pie making plant.

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